Salads and Trays

Serves 10-12
Serves 18-20
Luncheon Meat Tray
Ham, turkey, beef – Italian bread or rolls
$38.49 $76.99
Cheese Tray
American, provolone, mozzarella and cheddar – assorted crackers
$27.49 $49.49
Vegetable Tray
Includes Dill Dip or Ranch
$21.99 $38.49
Fresh Fruit Tray
(In season)
$38.49 $76.99
Relish Tray $17.49 $27.49
Mozzarella Sticks
(includes marinara)
$27.49 $54.99
(choice of dressing)
$32.99 $60.49
Italian Salad $20.99 $32.99
Garden Salad
(choice of dressing)
$17.49 $27.49
Taco Party Tray
(includes chips)
$19.99 $32.99
Pasta Salads
(creamy or Italian)
$4.39 per lb.
Potato Salad
(American or German)
$3.99 per lb.
Coleslaw $3.29 per lb.
Assorted sandwich rolls
(white, rye, croissant)
$4.69 per doz.
Loaf of Italian Bread $4.39

(Prices subject to change and Wisconsin sales tax)
Aldo’s will accommodate most requests, please do not hesitate to ask for menu items not mentioned in this menu.