Party Pans

Serves Approx. 6-8
Serves Approx. 16-20
Homemade Lasagna $40.49 $65.99
Veggie Lasagna
(A whitesauce delight)
$40.49 $65.99
Mostaccioli or Spaghetti
with meatsauce, marinara or garlic butter
$32.99 $49.49
Spaghetti w/homemade meatballs $39.49 $70.49
Chicken Cacciatore
(includes pasta)
$43.99 $82.49
Chicken Parmesan
(includes pasta)
$43.99 $82.49
Chicken Alfredo
(includes pasta)
$45.99 $87.99
Tender Baked Chicken
w/mashed potatoes and gravy or garlic mashed potatoes
$43.99 $87.49
Tenderloin tips
w/mashed potatoes or egg noodles
$65.99 $120.99
Sliced hot ham $8.29 per lb.
Hot turkey w/gravy $9.99 per lb.
Hot roast beef w/gravy $10.99 per lb.
Italian beef au jus
w/peppers, onions and marinara sauce
$10.99 per lb.
$11.99 per lb.
Homemade meatballs w/sauce $32.99 per doz
Italian sausage links
w/green peppers, onions and marinara
$38.49 per doz
Mini meatballs
(BBQ, marinara or Swedish)
$32.99 for 5 lbs.

(Prices subject to change and Wisconsin sales tax)
Aldo’s will accommodate most requests, please do not hesitate to ask for menu items not mentioned in this menu.